What is bridging finance

There are many definitions for bridging finance, perhaps we could define it as a loan which can be organised within 2-3 days and it is only for a short period of time, usually 1 to 6 months. This type of finance is used predominantly for business purpose such as: cash flow, unexpected business costs, buying equipment for business, expanding or acquiring a new business. Also this type of finance can be used to purchase investment property, shares, paying tax bills, etc. This finance is almost always secured by your real estate. You are borrowing money against equity in your real estate.

Australia wide finance

Nation wide service. Lending from $50,000 to $50 Million +. The maximum loan amount will depend on the value of your security.

Short term loans

Conditional approvals generally within 1 hour. 30 to 120 day term, (possible up to 12 months). Funds can be provided within 24-72 hours.

Business purposes

This type of fiancé is available for almost any business purpose, including purchase of shares and payment of GST or other taxes.

Property settlements

You purchased commercial property but your current one is still on the market. You need to cover a few months gap until your old property is sold.

Property investments

You have found an investment property and need urgent finance. No ready cash, but plenty of equity in your home. Talk to us.

Cash flow assistance

Your business is temporarily low on available cash but your real estate equity is high. Use this equity to improve your cash flow.

Need urgent finance?

Finance for any business purpose or commercial property settlement.

We are here to connect you with private lenders which can organise a loan in a fastest possible time. The actual money can be organised in as little as 24 hours. Bridging finance is available for any business purpose or for urgent commercial property settlements. Our large business network enables us to find you a non-bank lender with the best finance possible. If you need to improve cash flow for your business, purchase shares, pay tax bills or any other business purpose you are in the right place. Bridging finance is available for commercial property settlements only. The interest rate is calculated monthly and it is generally between 1.5%-6%. In some instances the interest rate is calculated per year.